Privacy Policy

We don’t sell your data to third parties; we don’t even collect your data, and that’s because we respect your privacy. We set out to build a funny keyboard that can help enjoy and spread this important part of the italian culture!

Full Access

In order to sync your preferences from our app to the keyboard and get access to system functions like clipboard-functionality, Gesticon needs Full Access toggled on in the Keyboards section of the system Settings app. The dialog window will warn you that your keystrokes might be transmitted over the internet, but as described above Gesticon will never do this. This dialog shows the same message for every keyboard, regardless of the actual internet functionality it uses. Therefore enabling Full Access is optional, but when disabled your preferences won’t be saved and some features will not work.
Gesticon-Keyboard does not “transmit anything you type”. Be sure that we won’t store or sell anything you type. The Gesticon-Keyboard does not send your keystrokes to any server, or use your data in any way.